Wednesday, October 29, 2008

no longer her sanctuary
no longer the place that cleared her thoughts
no longer a place she went when she felt low

she closed her eyes for hours and tried to sleep.
when she finally opened them
she knew she had to get out
before her insanity got the best of her.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I never meant to hurt you

I never understood what those words meant. Six words strung together that are supposed to bring about a feeling of forgiveness from the person they are being said to. But i don't understand how. How can you hurt someone and then say that you never meant to. When your being a bitch to someone of course you know you're hurting them. When you break up with someone of course you know you're shitting on their feelings.

And yes, i understand that in fits of rage people say things they don't mean. But come on, I'm sure that in this 'hazy fit of rage' you're fully aware of how cold you are being. Fair enough, if you don't realise how much it might actually hurt them. 'i needed to do it for myself' still doesn't justify anything because being selfish is what hurts people most. Thus, i never meant to hurt you does not cut it.

I guess so many people are forgiven because it has just become one of those cliches people just accept.

But hey if it makes sense to you feel free to let me know, because i sure as hell need it to.