Wednesday, December 3, 2008

for reasons unknown

I pack my case, I check my face
I look a little bit older
I look a little bit colder
With one deep breath one big step
I move a little bit closer
There was an open chair
we sat down in open air
i flew and flied
i knew if destiny is kind i'd leave the rest in my mind

but my heart don't beat the way it used to
and my eyes, they don't see you no more
and my lips, they dont kiss the way they used to
and my eyes just don't recognise you no more

For reasons unknown

all falls down

Imprints you left in her life begin to fade
Her eyes barely recognise your face anymore
You're just somebody she used to know
Because with every thought she has left of you
she can't help but wonder, where were you when I needed you

I apologise, it was my mistake for ever loving you