Sunday, November 9, 2008

child's play

Pretty things

Start a new chapter
Things have changed, but she's programmed not to care
One day she will realise she's the only one to blame

She's spoilt. Daddy gave her everything she ever asked for.
Too late now to realise she asked him for all the wrong things.
Shoulda asked him to buy back time.
Run away. Mummy always said she had a bit of tin in her.

People change, but you don't.
Too caught up in your bullshit, you pity yourself too much.
She's just another one of your victims that you're too proud to realise how much you hurt.
Lucky for her she can be just as cold as you, but she chooses not to be.
She'll let you have your way till she won't.

So when the day comes she will move on and smile.
You however, will continue to live your selfish lifestyle
pushing away everyone
justifying your many failed relationships with
'everything happens for a reason'

im just waiting for you to grow up.
There is a price to pay
nothing is ever enough but everything is too much to handle.

Dirty Pretty Things.